Design Force Miami (DFM) is a self-formed interior design group that’s breaking new ground in a fiercely competitive industry. Friends, competitors, mentors – inspiring themselves, and others, to always be the best and deliver outstanding results in their creations. Breaking down the stigma that designers can’t be friends, these eight talented professionals developed a support network to share their expertise, industry knowledge, tips, tricks and trends with the ultimate aim to just keep killing it!


Inspiration for DFM started in 2000 on Jay’s birthday ski adventure at the incredible Little Nell, Aspen. Odalys, Brett, Giselle, Joe and David had all known of each other, but this trip brought them together and it clicked – they could gain insight from each other and still grow their own business - there were plenty of clients to go around. On top of that, they are all uber-cool with unique backgrounds and influences that have defined their lives and their styles. Since that trip, they’ve become lovers, soul-mates, besties; and two more talented members have joined - Miguel and Janet. All with their own unique characteristics, DFM is a truly exceptional support network with exciting projects in over 40 countries for the world’s top celebrities, musicians, world leaders and entrepreneurs.